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Description of Three Kingdoms: Overlord

Three Kingdoms Overlord 2.5.7 APK Mod Cheat Free DownloadThree Kingdoms: Overlord
Relive the history of the Three Kingdoms Period with hundreds of cities.
City Governance + Military + Strategy. An old-school Three Kingdoms simulation game.In this game, you play as a vassal in Three Kingdoms Period, aiming to unify the whole country.
The fate of your empire is in your hands!
Once a game has ended. You may start a new one at any time!
Detailed World Map
All details on the world map are clearly displayed.
Whenever a cities ownership changes hands, it will be clearly displayed on the world map.

Develop and Dominate
Hundreds of cities originating from Ancient China are awaiting your conquest.
After capturing a city, you may manage it and build new constructions.
By building Huts, Markets and Farms, you’ll earn the resources required for battle.

Recruit and Conquer
Heroes play an important role in your domination.
Here you may recruit all kinds of heroes from the Heroes Union.
To unlock the full potential of your heroes, you need to raise their levels and ranks, and equip them with high-quality weapons and horses.
Through your careful development, your heroes will become unstoppable.

Allies and Skills
It is hard to unify this war-torn country by your sword alone. Why not find an ally?
Once you have unified the whole country, you and your ally will share the fruits of victory!
Skills from the Strategist Camp may help you turn the tide of battle.

Round Based Game
This game is round based. You can always start a new game at will, regardless of your performance in your last game.
There is never an end to the strategy and war in the Three Kingdoms: Overlord.
If you failed to defeat your enemies, devise better plans to crush them in the future!
If you have unified the country, try your best to extend your era of dominance!
Brand new 13 famous heroes – Han Xin, Xiao He etc. are coming!
Private custom Armor! Fit for all different stats!
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