Heroes & Magic 1.1.2 APK Mod Cheat Download

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Description of Heroes & Magic

Heroes Magic 1.1.2 APK Mod Cheat DownloadHeroes and Magic is new strategy game, kill zombies with epic heroes.

Duel player in epic strategy battles, play epic heroes and magic. Collect heroeses, upgrade units and explor new world. Your enemy is one of fantasy factions: unlimited Dungeon creatures from abandoned caves, mighty dragons and Minotaur.

This is new age of magic, man here is our best features:

– Enter Free Arena for duel enemy, cast epic bounty spells.
– Battle enemies, build and upgrade your empire.
– Defend castles and kingdom and be best in world for free.
– You can play with legion minotaur, stronghold, rampart, necropolis
– The magic of the 4 elements: fire, water, air, earth
– Build your army for free and create best gremlin for strategy game.
– find your role in the war and magic your spells
– 5 different campaigns against legendary powerful black dragons and horde of Minotaur s from the Dungeon, skeletons, bloodthirsty vampires and legion walking dead from the Necropolis, horde

Are you bored of traditional tactical games like a Heroes 3? Do you want to use your turn-based strategy to tactical war and magic in every battle? Try Heroes and Magic for free!

If you like Heroes 3 or games about the Heroes and Magic will not leave you indifferent.
– Welcome in Heroes & Magic – Free Turn based Strategy