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Description of Haze of War – The Best Strategy Game

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🔥 Featured strategy game on Googleplay!
🔥 The first diversified mobile game which perfectly combines story, RPG and SLG elements together!
🔥 Players from more than 143 countries around the world compete with each other!

Haze of War is a large-scale global strategy game for multiplayer online. The characteristic RPG element is added into the strategy game of traditional sandbox. You need to build your own shelters, upgrade shelters, and compete with players from all over the world until become the most powerful lord in the Haze of War! Let’s start with a real-time combat, please survive in the wasteland till the last day!


The world of Haze of war is not as simple as you see. In the haze world, you need to keep exploring, or you will easily fall into the trap of the enemy. The commander who can take control of the situation is the real lord.

Haze of War contains a variety of real-time combat forms, you can experience the PVP and GVG against global players, also can choose PVE and GVE challenges to conquer the whole world. And do not forget to join an alliance, it is your shelter!

Many different types of units: Infantry, Bomber, Sniper, Rider, Cannon and Assault Car, different arms have different distinctive features, and restrain each other. Not only that, choose different six commanders will also affect the changes in the war situation. Only a reasonable match and a timely detection of enemy’s information can lead to the final victory. Be the last survivor!

Global players compete in the same server. You can fight against other lords from all over the world, defeat all the enemies you meet, and lead your alliance to the top of the world.

You are a helpless father who lost your daughter in Haze of War, you need to survive, recruit unique survivor partners, and lead them to eliminate against terrorist organizations, robbers and mutant creatures. Invade the base of the mastermind behind the scenes to rescue your daughter, finally become hero of the world!

The vast scenes, exquisite architecture, real characters and equipment props, we hope that Haze of War brings you a real waste style vision.

Your suggestions are very important to us and we are glad to solve any problems for you. Please contact us through:
Official email: service@hourgames.com
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HazeofWarGame/
Official Ins: https://www.instagram.com/hazeofwargame/
* A brand new gameplay World at War is ready, and the war begins now!
* Added two new Fortress appearances.
* Optimized texts for different in-game languages.
* Optimized the haze effect.
* Improved the function to recall troops when rallying.
* Optimized the Buff interface.

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