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Description of GrandChase

■■■■■The CHASE Lives ON!■■■■■
Join over 2 Million Chasers in the game that is taking over the globe! With NO STAMINA SYSTEM, you can play when you want to play! Featuring over 70 heroes both new and old, building out your Dream Team has never been easier!

A game for the true RPG fan, immerse yourself in the brilliantly written storyline and grow your party members as you battle through the different modes for solo play. You can also join a guild, make friends, fight alongside others in Dual Raids, and even fight against other Chasers in PVP! This is a game that you just can’t put down!

See for yourself why this game is being rated so high by players and has ranked “Top 10 RPG Game” in 25 countries!

Download NOW and begin your adventure TODAY!

▶ Just Tap & Drag! ◀

Command your party with easy to use controls!

▶ Your decision changes the flow of battle ◀

Whether it’s skill timing, order, coordinates, or directions,
it’s YOU that will change the flow of battle!

▶ Gather and Slay! ◀

Experience real action on mobile!
Feel the satisfaction of gathering more than 100 monsters and then slaying them all at once!

▶ Enjoyed by 20 million people, the king of RPG has returned! ◀

The great chase to pursue Kaze’aze across dimensions begins yet again!
This is the official sequel to the free to play online pc game, GrandChase which was enjoyed by 20 million users around the world!

▶ Collect Countless unique Heroes! ◀

All new characters have been added along with the original cast from GrandChase!
With up to 70 different heroes
You can mix and match to assemble your own unique team!

▶ Different Modes! Different Play! ◀

Upgrade, evolve, prestige, and awaken!
Assemble your party of 4 for different modes and contents!

▶Minimum Specifications◀

OS Android 4.1 or later
CPU: 1.6GHz (quad-core) or more
RAM: 2.0GB or more
*Plays smoothly on tablet devices.

*Official Site

*Official Community

*Discord Community

*YouTube Channel

*Customer Support

*Privacy Policy

*Terms of Use

■Smartphone App Access Information■
When you use the app, we request access for the following services.

[Required Access]
Picture/Media/File: To store game date in storage
External Storage Read/Write: Required for customer support, use of images in community and various settings and cache storage for the game.
Phone Status Read/Address Book: Analysis of ad tracking and creation of tokens for push notification
※ If you do not agree to allow the optional access, you may still use the services other than those related to those accesses.
※ If you are using Android ver. 6.0 or lower, you cannot set the optional access privileges separately. We recommend upgrading to 6.0 or higher
※ Part of the app may not offer individual consent and access can be withdrawn using the following method.

[How to Withdraw Permissions]
After granting access, you can reset or withdraw access as follows:

[Operating System 6.0 or later]
Setting>Apps>Select the App>Permissions>Select either Accept or Withdraw permissions

[Operating System 6.0 or before]
Upgrade your operating system to withdraw permissions or delete the app
※ Caution: Withdrawal of essential permissions may result in resource interruption or inability to access the game.

■ SR Bingo Event
– Complete bingo missions every week to receive 1 SR Select Ticket for each class
– A jackpot chance to receive a total of 5 SR Select Tickets for 5 weeks!

■ Raid 5 Release and Let’s Go Burning Canyon Event!
– Challenge Raid 5 by growing with a bundle of event rewards!
– A chance to receive gems and Radiant Shiny from events!