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Description of Car Simulator OG

You will really feel like you are behind the wheel of a car. Cruise around the city in your car with friends, and experience how cool and difficult it can be at the same time.
Explore the city, and perhaps you will find something interesting.
You have a 360-degree view of the cabin. Fun companions are waiting for you to join them in the game.
Set up a race according to your own rules! Turn on the music and let’s go!!!!

The game offers online mission races (in multiplayer mode) where you can compete with real players, defeat them, and earn more money.

1. Do not speed. Drive carefully in order to avoid crashing or damaging your car.
2. Beware of the traffic police. If you speed, then you will get a ticket.
3. Pay attention to the interactive hints.
4. Don’t forget to fill up your car with gas at the gas station.
5. It is cheaper to pay a bribe than the official ticket.
6. For your convenience, please keep the doors locked when driving.

Please note: The input area for the interactive buttons is around the center of the screen. The side areas with the control buttons are inactive.
To successfully activate the interactive parts of the game, you must first drag the component of interest to the center of the screen while in 360-degree mode. Press to confirm your selection.

Game features:
– Fun interactive game with endless replay value.
– Daily bonuses.
– First-person mode.
– Richly detailed car models.
– Many of the components inside the car are interactive.
– You can modify and tune your car in a large number of ways.
– Interesting map of the city and its environs.
– Interactive gas station.
– Fun quest- and arcade-style missions.
– Additional multiplayer-mode missions.

Additional bonus!
The game contains an additional 6 cars. One of the cars has a dead battery, the second lacks one entirely,
and the third is missing a wheel… Find a way to get them going again, and they will be yours!!!

There are 3 ways to acquire new cars: for free, at a discount, or by buying the car in the showroom.

Police cruiser.

Play the beta versions. Follow us!
Tell us your wishes for new features and comments about the game.

Download and play OPPANA GAMES! And enjoy yourself!
beta 2.50 (13 nov 2018)
1. New off-road car 4×4.

beta 2.43
1. New car, garage 2, car showroom 2.

beta 2.25
1. New car 4×4.
2. Localization.

beta 2.14
1. Car door lock.

beta 2.11
1. Eeeee! ….. Map.

beta 2.9.1
1. New car.
2. New big city.
3. Car showroom.
4. АТМs (cash dispenser).

beta 2.5
New mission (online) in Port.

beta 2.4.5
Multiplayer racing.

beta 2.4.1
1. Service station cars: Car Service: Tinted, Low Ride, Paint, License Plate, Body Repair, Wheel Rims…
2. Garage.